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Alpine Dachsbracke Breed Information
Please read below about Alpine Dachsbracke breed details. It is very important to choose the right breed to fit your life style. To find other breeds with characteristics that you would like in your puppy, please use our Breed Selector tool.

 Alpine Dachsbracke - Breed Information
Alpine Dachsbracke puppy

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Overview:  Originally bred as hunting dogs, the Alpine Dachsbracke has an extraordinary sense of smell. This small, sturdy dog makes a good pet.
Breed Group:  Scenthound
Weight: 33-40 (Lbs.)
Height: 13-16 (Inches.)
Color(s):  dark deer red or black with red/brown markings
Coat:  Double coat. Thick top coat and dense coat underneath. Hair is short.
Character:  The Alpine Dachsbracke is a sturdy hunting dog and a good companion.
Temperament:  Alpine Dachsbrackes are smart and friendly dogs. They do well with gentle children and new people.
Care:  This breed has a coat that is easy to care for. The short hair needs infrequent brushing and occasional baths.
Training:  This breed is smart and easy to train for hunting or as a family pet.
Activity:  Alpine Dachsbrackes were bred to hunt and have great stamina. They need plenty of exercise.
Country of Origin:  Austria
Health Issues: 
Life Expectancy:  12-14 (Yrs.)

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