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Brazilian Mastiff Breed Information
Please read below about Brazilian Mastiff breed details. It is very important to choose the right breed to fit your life style. To find other breeds with characteristics that you would like in your puppy, please use our Breed Selector tool.

 Brazilian Mastiff - Breed Information
Brazilian Mastiff puppy

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Overview:  The Brazilian Mastiff was used to track run away slaves and for protection. It is illegal in many countries, due to its history as aggressive nature.
Breed Group:  Mastiff
Weight: 90-110 (Lbs.)
Height: 25-30 (Inches.)
Color(s):  fawn, black and brindle
Coat:  The coat is short and smooth, dense and soft.
Character:  The Brazilian Mastiff is loyal, protective and strong.
Temperament:  The Brazilian Mastiff gets along well with family members and children. It can be unpredictable with other dogs, especially dominant breeds.
Care:  The coat needs little care other than an occasional bath and brushing.
Training:  The Brazilian Mastiff needs consistent, firm training from a dominant owner.
Activity:  This breed needs regular exercise.
Country of Origin:  Brazil
Health Issues:  Hip dysplasia, prone to bloat, CHD, gastric torsion, elbow dysplasia and PRA.
Life Expectancy:  9-11 (Yrs.)

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