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Title: Rocky's Place
Breed(s): Boxer
Location: Virginia, USA

We breed both AKC and non-AKC boxers.

Title: Brilliant Boxers
Breed(s): Boxer
Location: Texas, USA

Hi, My name is Lynda. When I could not have children, I had dogs. My dogs became my children. However, God blessed me with my miracle child, after 11 yrs. of marriage. So now I have the best of both. My dogs are very important part of my family. I need them and they need me. When I brought them into my life I made a promise to always do the best I can for them and in return they give me unconditional love and gorgeous babies. Therefore, they have not only blessed my life but also have brought joy to many other lives. None of my babies are available until they are 7 weeks old! I guarantee that my boxers and their offspring are from a loving and caring home. I surround them, my family, and myself with only happy and positive things. No one is ever dissappointed when they meet my boxers. No one who has seen my babies has ever left without one. References are available upon request. If I can be of any assistance please email or call me. I am always available. Lynda 817-240-4413

Title: Hug-A-Pup
Breed(s): Boxer
Location: Illinois, USA

Title: Hoosier Boxer
Breed(s): Boxer
Location: Indiana, USA

We breed healthy happy loving Boxers to share with people so they can love our beloved boxers.

Title: Female
Breed(s): Boxer
Location: Colorado, USA

Puppies ready for there forever homes Born Oct. 20, 2014

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