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Title: TopDog LA
Breed(s): Maltese-Poodle Shih Tzu Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)
Location: California, USA

Premier Puppy Sales. TopDog La prides itself in selling local, privately bred, healthy puppies to our customers. Visit our site:

Title: Bobbys Bullnese
Breed(s): American Bullnese
Location: Florida, USA

Selectively breeding Bullnese to Bullnese for over 25 years to develope a better dog. Side Note: As good as this site is, it is incorrect in its discription of the American Bullnese as a simple mix. The breed has many generations of development using 5 differant breeds as its original foundation stock. Bobby Rice Breed Founder and President of the American Bullnese Association

Breed(s): Bulldog-Pug
Location: Michigan, USA
Description: has raised toy breed dogs for 25 plus years. Raising toy breeds take a special dedication. We provide shots , deworming, and vet checks prior to sale. We only work by appointments so you get the attention you need to ensure a wonderful experience.

Title: F1 And F1b Goldendoodles
Breed(s): Golden Retriever-Poodle
Location: Illinois, USA

Bella Goldendoodles is located in central Illinois on a small farm where our Goldendoodles get lots of exercise. Our Goldendoodle puppies are raised in our home not in a kennel. Our Goldendoodle puppies have eight grandchildren to play and romp with so they are very well socialized before they come home to you. Our puppies are very intelligent and their trainability is very high. Our Goldendoodles make wonderful companions as well as great dogs for children and their sincere expressions and attitudes are not matched by any other breed. They have the intelligence, low shedding, and low allergenic properties of a Standard Poodle and they have the family oriented, friendly, laid-back personality of the Golden Retriever. Goldendoodles make great therapy and service dogs as well as wonderful family pets!

Title: Philadelphia Doubledooles
Breed(s): Golden Retriever-Poodle Labrador Retriever-Poodle
Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Doubledooles Prepare for Loving and Hugging! Mother and Father are family Pets. Not a business. Mother and Father are part of the family and raised by entire family. Puppies are raised and cared for by entire family. Please come and visit us. You will fall in love! Call with any question (267) 242-9146

Title: Oval Office Therapy Dogs, Inc
Breed(s): Golden Retriever-Poodle
Location: Georgia, USA

We are a no profit therapy and service dog program. We work with teens and youth in several high school in our area as well as with foster children. We occasionally breed for our program.

Title: Cockalier Puppies
Breed(s): Cavalier King Charles-Cocker Spaniel
Location: Arizona, USA

Beautiful cockalier puppies, 7 weeks old. Fully weaned and working on potty training. They have their first shots and ready for a forever home!

Title: Doodles
Breed(s): Golden Retriever-Poodle
Location: Oklahoma, USA

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Name: Jennifer Gonzalez
Breed(s): Bulldog
Location: Tennessee, USA
Name: Trinity Kennels
Breed(s): Brittany
Location: Iowa, USA
Name: Von Bluhen German Shepherds
Breed(s): German Shepherd Dog
Location: Texas, USA
Name: Jennifer Hamilton
Breed(s): Bullmastiff
Location: Illinois, USA
Name: Perkins Poodles
Breed(s): Poodle (Standard)
Location: Alabama, USA
Name: RFCC Australian Shepherds
Breed(s): Australian Shepherd
Location: Ohio, USA
Name: Blue Sky Toy Aussies
Breed(s): Australian Shepherd
Location: Texas, USA
Breed(s): Cane Corso
Location: Texas, USA
Name: TopDog LA
Breed(s): Maltese-Poodle
Shih Tzu
Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)
Location: California, USA
Name: Vaughan Aussies Of Oregon
Breed(s): Australian Shepherd
Location: Oregon, USA

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