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Breeder Name: Lorenda
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Breed(s): Belgian Malinois

We are dedicated hobby breeders of what we consider to be the finest and rarest lines of mixed malinois and dutch shepherds in the world! We specialize in the highly desired and sought after line of Jary Berghorst; the world famous black malinois! A simple google search will reveal his popularity. We are proud to be the only breeders in the world who can claim legitimate 3 generation linebred stock from Jary Berghorst himself, as well as additional stocks of frozen semen. (Not for sale) What we focus on is dogs who have power, yet are dogs you can easily live with. We have imported and hand raised several dogs from Holland, and selected only the best for breeding. We DNA test our dogs for all known health issues, using a DNA screen known as Optimal Selection Breeder, which screens for 180 genetic health defects. Our indoor heated and cooled dog facility is over 5000 square feet, with custom kennels, heated floors, and a home like environment to raise our puppies in. We NEVER leave a dog outside! Feel free to send us a request, we would love to hear from you, and thanks for looking!

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    Belgian Malinois Puppy For Sale in WEST PLAINS, MO, USA

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    Breed: Belgian Malinois
    Sex: Male(s) and Female(s) Male(s) and Female(s)
    Age: 4 Weeks Old
    Location: USA
    Very nice litter of shepradors! This is a one time, one of a kind type breeding, maybe never done before. Raised every day with lots of love, attention to detail, and affection, by a stay at home disabled veteran. Our Grace is a registered black Malinois registered at BRN27905, the sire is a hunting line American black labrador. These pups are big and slick, and should have great happy dispositions and short coats! What could be better than a mix of the Netherlands favorite dog, and America's favorite dog! Pups available starting at 8 weeks of age, or mid-May. Special discount for disabled veterans.

    Litter of 10

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