Choosing a Breed

The most pleasurable step in selecting a new puppy is choosing a breed.  Each breed has their own unique natural instincts and characteristics. So do some research and narrow your choices down to two or three breeds suited to your lifestyle, then get as much information as you can before making a final choice.

One advantage of purebred dogs is that the qualities of each generation (size, coat, temperament, etc.) are passed on to the next. All breeds are different, however, so consider the following from the point of view of a mature dog when developing your short list:


Determines space requirement

Coat Type

Determines grooming time needed

Energy Level

Determines space requirement and exercise needs

Original Purpose

Indicates instinctive activity (i.e., barking, protecting, retrieving, etc.)


Determines obedience needs, level of independence or attachment, aggressive or passive nature, etc


Some breeds cause less suffering for allergy patients

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